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Dear Customer
Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site.
We are dedicated professionals and when you come to us, we want to give you the best experience of our service. In pursuance of our quality goals, we not only want to exceed your expectations, but we also want to manage them for the best outcome. To this end, we find it useful to provide some guidance and Ts&Cs for our customers’ reference.
Please familiarise yourself with these Terms and Conditions, and should you agree to proceed then please contact us, without obligation, to discuss the service of your choice.

Title: reference to myClean (the company) also refers to any of its subsidiary brands within the service provision.
Customer: is the organisation, individual or persons – jointly or severally – responsible for payment of the service.
Booking: means the use of myClean’s services, whereby staff/operators/sub-contractors have been pre-arranged and scheduled to attend a property or site to carry the work on one or more occasion/s. Upon making a booking, the customer herein accepts and enters into this contract.
Estimate: this is an approximate price (not a quote) for the work to be carried out. It may be subject to change should it become evident that the job needs more labour and time to be completed.
Housework: is the cleaning regime undertaken inside of the home only.
Service: the type of work to be carried out – such as regular, spring or carpet cleaning.

TYPES OF CLEAN: Regular maintenance, surface cleaning, one-off services
FEE: The estimated cost of the type of service/s provided
SERVICE CLEANING RATE: In all instances, we provide estimates for the types of services requested
FREQUENCY: Agreed visits – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, one-off
PAYMENT TERMS: Due in full on the day of completion of service
GUARANTEED SERVICE: We will attend to rectify issues of service. The rectification is limited to one re-visit and up to a total labour time of one hour. It is accepted that rectifications remain within reason and limits
TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: 30 days’ notice from either party
CANCELLATION OF SERVICE: Our service can be postponed or cancelled with notice. See below for more
VISITS: myClean will agree a day/time for regular or one-off service visits. The cleaning team will automatically attend according to the agreed appointment
INSURANCE: The service is insured for accidental damage and public liability
COOLING OFF PERIOD: 14 days right to cancel from date of booking/order. See Cancellation for full terms.

Once customers agree a date of attendance for service provision, it will constitute a ‘booking’, and an acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of this contract herein

The service is a fixed fee, based on the estimate provided for the job. The fee is payable on completion of the work on the day. Late payment may attract interest of a flat admin charge for late payment. A cost-of-living percentage increase may be added to the fee in a 12-month period. Customers will be notified, in advance, of any variation in cost.
myClean may elect to suspend or vary its services due to non-payment of the fees or account arrears

Notice of 30 days by either party from the date of cancellation or for monthly customers notice will start from a current service visit. If you cancel the service without notice, a termination fee of one calendar month for lost services will automatically apply. If notice has been given but you fail to honour the termination period in full, then any service visits which are outstanding will be charged and recovered at the full-service rate.

Your right to cancel. You have up to 14 days in which to cancel our service from the date of your booking/order. Should you want the service to start straightaway you will lose the right to cancel, and upon completion of the job, the full fee will be due. If you want the service to start less than 14 days of your booking, you still have the right to cancel but this will be subject to the service pro-rata cancellation periods below.

Notice of service cancellation
Cancellation of the Regular Clean. In the case of cancelling the regular service without out notice, the ensuing, normal scheduled cleans will be charged at 100% of the regular service rate. Providing notice of cancellation up to 24hours, 100% fee will be charged. Notice of cancellation given between 24 and 48 hours, 50% of the regular fee will be due.
Housework One-Off Clean Cancellation. For cancellations outside the 14-day cooling off period, the following tier applies – within 24hours, 100% fee will be charged. For cancellations between 24 hours and 48 hours’ notice, 50% will be charged.
Access to Property: If myClean or any of its subsidiaries or contractors are unable to gain access to the property, as a result of customer failure to make reasonable arrangements for access, myClean will charge the full cancellation fee.
you must pay for the full fee as the cleaning team have been booked for the duration of the job. If the service is provided in full within 14 days, you lose the right to cancel during the cancellation period, if the service is provided in full before the 14 days elapses. service provided

myClean Cancellation/Non-Attendance
myClean will not be liable for any delay to or cancellation of the services caused by circumstances beyond its control (including but not limited to fire, flood, strike, exceptional traffic circumstances, lack of adequate power or breakage or failure of machinery or apparatus). In such circumstances myClean will use its best endeavors to arrange an alternative time suitable to both parties for the performance of its services. Where myClean fails to carry out an agreed service due to circumstances within our control, our liability shall be limited to providing the agreed service at no additional charge at a mutually convenient alternative time and in no event shall myClean be liable for any other losses including loss of profit or subsequent, consequential loss.

a). Should myClean be prevented or impeded from performing one or more of its contractual obligations under the contract, if and to the extent that the party affected proves/demonstrates
i) that such impediment is beyond its reasonable control; and
ii) that it could not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the contract; and
iii) that the effects of the impediment could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome by the Affected Party.

b). Non-performance by third parties. Where a contracting party fails to perform one or more of its contractual obligations because of default by a third-party contractor whom it has engaged to perform the whole or part of the contract, the contracting party may invoke Force Majeure to the extent that the one or more requirements under paragraph (a) of this clause are established both for the contracting party and for the third party.
The Affected Party shall give notice of the event without delay to the other party.
In the absence of proof to the contrary, the following events affecting a party shall be presumed to fulfil conditions (i) and (ii) under paragraph a) and the Affected Party only needs to prove that condition (iii) of paragraph (a) is satisfied, and that the effects of the impediment could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome: –
war (whether declared or not) hostilities, invasion, act of foreign enemies, extensive military mobilisation
civil war, riot, rebellion and revolution, military or usurped power, insurrection, act of terrorism, sabotage or piracy;
act of authority whether lawful or unlawful, compliance with any law or governmental order, expropriation, seizure of works, requisition, nationalisation
plague, epidemic, pandemic, natural disaster or extreme natural event
explosion, fire, destruction of equipment, prolonged break-down of transport, telecommunication, information system or energy
general labour disturbance such as boycott, strike and lock-out, go-slow, occupation of factories and premises
Should myClean invoke Force Majeure, it will not be deemed negligent of its service obligations and thus its contract will not be terminated as a consequence

Health & Safety
In order to protect our employees, they are instructed not to enter an environment they consider to be unsafe, dangerous to health, or inoperable for any reason. They are instructed to withdraw from such premises and to report the problem. In this event the customer will be charged 100% of the cost of the Booking. If the Housework is rescheduled (after the environment has been rendered safe), the customer will be charged a fee equivalent to 50% of the cost of the original Booking

Equal Opportunities
myClean Services Ltd is an Equal Opportunities Employer. We recruit our employees on the basis of their ability to do the job and aim to ensure that all employees/workers are treated equally regardless of ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation or disability.

We only need access for such basic equipment as a vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket. We will provide specialised cleaning equipment – such as carpet shampoo or ‘fogger’ machines – as and when needed. You agree to permit staff members to use the telephone ONLY to call the Customer Service team on a local number if necessary.

Key holding
myClean undertakes to provide security for your keys at all times. In the unlikely event of any keys being lost by myClean, we will make appropriate arrangements as soon as reasonably possible to remedy the issue. myClean shall not be liable for any loss or damage as a result of a delay caused by you or a third-party

Liability for death or personal injury
Nothing in this contract shall limit or exclude myClean liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence.

In the event of you being dissatisfied with the service you have received from myClean, you should contact the myClean Customer Service team within 4 days. myClean will endeavor to ensure that all your concerns and complaints are resolved quickly with our Customer Service team.

Damage to/ Loss of Property. In the event of damage or loss as a result of negligence, the liability of myClean shall be limited (at myClean discretion) to repair or the replacement cost of the item, taking into account its age and condition. myClean shall not in any event be liable for any loss of profit or consequential loss.

Claiming Compensation
Any claim for compensation must be notified to the Customer Service team as soon as possible and in any event within 4 days of the damage occurring.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. If a revision is material, we will try to provide at least ​30 days’ notice prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at our sole discretion
By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.