Cleaners Wimbledon

Within our Coronavirus decontamination service, we’ll disinfect critical-touch points and general surfaces, using specialist solutions that help prevent the risk of infection, killing flu viruses and bacteria, MRSA and salmonella.


Fogging is one of the best industry-recognised methods for decontaminating airborne and surface viruses and bacteria. It’s a safe, effective, atomising spray treatment which can even be used around food and electrical equipment – in and around homes, offices, hospitals, care homes, hotels, vehicles and nurseries, to name just a few.

After wiping critical touch points, we get the fogger working, producing its dry-mist that saturates the atmosphere with a certified anti-viral solution, which gets into those difficult-to-reach places, killing 99.99% of pathogens on contact – including Coronavirus – within six minutes. Allow the area to ventilate for around 30 minutes and it’s then ready to use.

Notice: It’s advisable not to book our service if someone in the household either has the Coronavirus or is symptomatic. The virus could be still active in the home via human transfer – even after sanitisation.