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Mattress Sanitisation

Give your favourite sleep surface the hygienic makeover it deserves

We readily clean our home – giving it a tip-to-toe blitz for peace-of-mind hygiene – but amid feeling proud in our glory of household cleanliness there is one item we often overlook – our mattress!

Here at myClean, we use a dry-cleaning method, which is less hassle than the traditional approach of a carpet cleaning machine drenching the mattress with a water-based solution. We rely on a different science!

Ultra-violet (UV) light is a well-known effective sanitiser. myClean’s mattress sanitising machine has a UV light source fitted into a specially designed vacuum cleaner with a vibrating beater brush. The beater brings the mites to the surface, and they are zapped dead by the UV light itself. The critters are then instantly sucked up by the machine. Should the mattress need a spot-clean to remove a stain – no problem, we have the solution for the job, and as it is a topical treatment, it will be dry in a jiffy – leaving a fresh, sanitised mattress.

What should I know about my mattress?

Tired, old mattresses can become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially with the presence of bed bugs, dust mites and mould spores. Some one million of the nocturnal invaders are happy to reside silently beside you while you sleep.

They’ll be enjoying a feast – feeding on your dead skin and loose hair. We also naturally sweat during the night and the skin, hair and moisture combines to make a lovely pie for the critters to tuck into. And what goes in generally comes out!

The pests leave a trail of poo as they cross the hemispheres of our bedding, moving into the mattress, duvet, bed linen and pillows – so it’s not such a surprise we can develop itchy or ‘watery’ eyes, rhinitis, respiratory symptoms, among other allergic reactions. Don’t leave your mattress untreated! Let us give your favourite sleep surface the hygienic makeover it deserves.